Bug reporting rules


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Apr 11, 2020
Dear All,

The bug reporting process starts with you, the players. The first step is to submit a bug report with mandatory topics:
  • NPC bug reports
  • Spell bug reports
  • Miscellaneous bug reports
  • Quest bug reports
Our Development Team will get a GM in-game user to verify and duplicate the bug. Once verified the bug will be checked against the official Trinity Wiki and bag tracker in order to see if it is already reported to them and if they have a fix or not.
If determined to be a known issue that Trinity is actively in development or fixing we will wait for the upcoming commit and recompile the core. If it is not actively being worked on, we will go through the next step to begin the process of fixing it ourselves depending on bug complexity. Once complete, the fix will be sent to Trinity as pull request for approval and merger to the current branch.

Best Regards, Ice Crown Support
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